During Pregnancy (Ante-Natal)

During pregnancy your body makes lots of changes to accommodate your growing baby and prepare for giving birth.  All these changes can lead to the commonly experienced symptoms of pelvic girdle pain, (previously known as symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD) and sciatica, as well as many other aches and pains.  During this time treatment can help your body adapt and reduce the associated symptoms.  This may also mean you are better able to cope with the physical demands that giving birth places on your body.  Importantly, the correct treatment and advice during pregnancy, will mean that your body is better able to recover after giving birth so that you can be fit and well to enjoy your new baby.  Please remember to bring you pregnancy notes (green book) when coming to your appointment.


After Pregnancy (Post-Natal)

Many women experience ongoing aches and pains after giving birth.  Recovering from these problems is made more challenging due to the demands of caring for a new baby.  Treatment will reduce pain and help your body recover more quickly.  This will involve a personalised exercise plan designed to help you regain optimal strength and stability. 

Babies & Children (Paediatrics)

Parents often have concerns with their baby, such as: difficulty breastfeeding, vomiting, excessive crying, and other symptoms associated with colic or reflux.  Treatment may include, advice on optimal breastfeeding and bottle-feeding approaches, and gentle hands-on treatment, including, visceral and cranial osteopathy.   


A full health screen will be conducted at the Initial Appointment to make sure that treatment is appropriate.  Please remember to bring your child's notes (red book).  The appointment is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding childcare, such as, safe sleep guidelines, safe baby wearing, weaning protocols, or feeding advice.      

Children with dyspraxia can also benefit from treatment that includes an individualised exercise programme to help develop their specific coordination needs.   

Please book any obstetric or paediatric related appointments with Jennifer.    

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