New Equipment for Our Patients

I’m sure most of our patients who have visited us since we moved, have noticed the large piece of equipment that has appeared in the corner of the office, we have certainly been asked about it a lot. It is in fact a cable pull machine, and similar versions can be found in most gyms. It consists of two stacks of adjustable weights that are attached to two cables with handles at the end. The user pulls the handles and the weights create the desired resistance. The advantage of the cable pull machine is that the cables are adjustable to any height and there are lots of different handle attachments. This means that we can recreate pretty much any type of exercise machine in the gym, or any kind of exercise that may be required to help with a patient’s recovery. While lifting weights to make your muscles bigger might not seem important, when you subject your muscles and tendons to load, such as lifting weights, it stimulates the muscles and tendons to repair more effectively. For tendon injuries, this is almost the only way in which you can effectively encourage repair. As you probably won’t have a cable pull machine at home, we will advise on similar exercises you can do with minimal equipment, such as resistance bands that we provide. To help you do your exercises properly, we email you videos of all the exercises advised and the dosage suggested.