All our practitioners have experience in working with international level athletes from a variety of sports including Premier and Championship League football, Formula 1, and Team GB Equestrian.  We recognise that the treatment of sports injuries requires specialist skills and experience, so as part of City Osteopaths we developed a separate service for patients with sports injuries, called Target Sports Injuries Clinic.  This represents our commitment to training and experience in the field of sports injury and rehabilitation.


We believe we are different at Target Sports Injuries, as we search that bit deeper to find the cause of your injury, rather than simply treating the area of pain.  The type of treatment you will receive varies, it will depend upon you, your sport and your problem.  If you don't currently have an injury, we can screen the functional aspects of your body specifically relating to your sport, and identify areas which may benefit from preventative measures; known as 'prehabilitation'.  We also offer one-to-one clinical Pilates sessions for injury prevention and rehabilitation, or to improve overall performance.  To help with recovery and more general aches and pains, we also have sports massage appointments available. 

Your appointment will involve a discussion about your injury, how it occurred, how it is affecting you, and what your current goals are related to your sport.  We will then assess your injury through close examination of the affected body part and via various functional, orthopaedic and neurological tests.  Treatment will normally involve various hands on methods as well the provision of a custom online exercise programme with videos to support your rehab in between appointments.  


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