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PhD, MSc, PgC(Ed), BSc(Hons), GOsC Reg.


I have been an osteopath since 2002, working with a wide spectrum of individuals for a variety of painful conditions.  This has included, professional dancers, musicians, actors, movie stars, and athletes, including the Wolverhampton Wanderers first team, where I was osteopath for five seasons.   

I have also spent over 15 years working in higher education at various universities around the country educating other healthcare professionals.  This has encouraged me to continue my own training and I have completed a master’s degree from Keele University’s School of Physiotherapy and a teaching degree, as well as my undergraduate degree in osteopathy.  I also have a doctorate from Keele University’s School of Medicine, which involved researching the use of exercise in treating musculoskeletal pain.  I conducted multiple studies in NHS physiotherapy services around the midlands and my work has been published in various scientific journals and I have presented it at international conferences.    

In 2020, I was appointed as a council member to the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).  The GOsC is responsible for maintaining the professional standards of osteopathy in the UK and protecting the health and safety of the public.  As a council member my role is to develop the organisation’s strategic direction and ensure it fulfils its statutory responsibilities.     

My significant experience and training ensures that I can provide the best care possible for the treatment of painful conditions and sports injuries. 

Bailey & Firth (2017) Ankle taping and proprioceptive control in professional footballers.  Physical Therapy in Sport

BarZaccay & Bailey (2018) Attitudes and beliefs of osteopaths towards back pain management. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine

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