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Pilates is an exercise system that helps increase the awareness of your body and emphasises the importance of core stability. It uses strengthening, mobility, and stretching exercises to help resolve weaknesses, compensations, and over-development.  Consequently, it can improve your posture as well as muscle and joint function.

Clinical Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in several ways. It has been modified to be suitable for those with injuries and long-term health issues, as well as the fit and healthy population. Clinical Pilates is specifically tailored to you and your needs, whether that be recurrent injuries, aches and pains, long term health conditions, or performing to the best of your abilities in a specific sport.

More About Pilates


Jennifer was trained in clinical Pilates by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). The APPI spent many years researching the original Pilates exercises and breaking them down into several stages, this enabled Pilates to be suitable for a much larger population, particularly those recovering from injury or with health concerns.

Unlike other forms of Pilates, clinical Pilates is only taught by health professionals, this means your health concerns are fully understood and only exercises that are appropriate for you will be used. If you are having difficulty with certain exercises, we can use our clinical knowledge to resolve the issue so that you can continue progressing with your Pilates, rather than just avoiding certain exercises.

At City Osteopaths, this service is delivered on a one-to-one basis. An initial appointment is required where a medical history will be taken, followed by a physical assessment and discussion of your goals.  You will then be taken through a personalised Pilates programme in the clinic.  Key exercises will be provided for you in video or printed format so you can continue practising at home.  During each session, we will go through your routine with you, modifying the exercises when you are ready.  This will ensure we continue to challenge your body.

In the clinic we have all the equipment necessary for a full matwork Pilates programme (we do not use the reformer), including resistance bands, magic circle and exercise balls. Any exercises you are advised to continue at home will only require equipment that you have available.

Available Monday to Friday 8.30am-7pm and Saturdays



Initial Consultation - £70 (1 hour)

Follow Up - £45 (30 mins)

Osteopathy appointments should be booked for all pain, sports injuries, paediatric and obstetric problems. Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service.  



Initial Consultation - £70 (1 hour)

Follow Up - £45 (30 mins)

If you would like a one-to-one clinical Pilates session, please choose this appointment type.  Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service. 

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Sports Massage

30 Minutes £36

60 Minutes £72

If you do not currently have an injury or pain but would like a sports massage on an area of your choice, please choose this appointment type.

We have free car parking at the clinic and accept credit and debit cards. Patients can all benefit from the luxurious lounge waiting area with complimentary WiFi and drinks available Monday to Friday 9-4pm. 

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