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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Early rehabilitation following surgery significantly improves long-term recovery. 

Common orthopaedic surgeries, such as hip and knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, discectomy, shoulder decompression, rotator cuff repair, and cruciate ligament repair can often leave you with residual pain, stiffness and/or weakness.     

The recovery from surgery can be greatly improved with the prescription of appropriate and increasingly challenging exercises to improve strength and range of movement.  If you have persistent pain, manual therapy can also help the recovery process.  

At City Osteopaths, we provide expert, tailored, exercise prescription with supporting video instruction.  We carefully monitor your strength and range of movement to ensure progress, and we can provide manual or 'hands on' therapy as needed to speed up the recovery process further.  If movement is still too painful, we can even provide electrical muscle stimulation to improve strength in the early stages of recovery.

Expert post operative rehabilitation Wolverhampton.

Available Monday to Friday 8.30am-7pm and Saturdays



Initial Consultation - £83 (1 hour)

Follow Up - £54 (30 mins)

Osteopathy appointments should be booked for all pain, post-surgical, sports injuries, paediatric and obstetric problems. Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service.  



Initial Consultation - £83 (1 hour)

Follow Up - £54 (30 mins)

If you would like a one-to-one clinical Pilates session, please choose this appointment type.  Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service. 

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Sports Massage

30 Minutes £42

60 Minutes £81

If you do not currently have an injury or pain but would like a sports massage on an area of your choice, please choose this appointment type.

We have free car parking at the clinic and accept credit and debit cards. Patients can benefit from the luxurious lounge waiting area with complimentary WiFi and drinks available Monday to Friday 9-4pm. 

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