COVID-19 Update, 6th May 2020

As of the 4th May, Osteopaths were added to list of closure exemptions published on  We will re-open for appointments from Tuesday 12th May.  Appointments can be made now, as usual over the phone or via our online booking.  In order to ensure the safety of patients and staff, we have had to make various changes to the way we operate.  It is essential that you read our guidance here, before making an appointment.  Thank you for your understanding.  



We will start by getting to the bottom of what is causing your pain by conducting a thorough examination.  After discussing this with you, treatment commonly involves, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation, and exercise.  We may also use acupuncture, electrotherapy or taping.  



Through careful biomechanical assessment, we can identify the cause of your injury, or factors that may predispose you to future problems.  In our well equipped clinic we can then rehabilitate you back to full fitness, whether you are a recreational jogger, or elite professional athlete.  We also have sports massage appointments to keep you feeling great and Pilates to optimise your performance and prevent injury recurrence.



Whether it is back pain or pelvic girdle pain during or after pregnancy, feeding issues with your newborn or dyspraxia in your growing child, we can help through a combination of expert knowledge, gentle treatment and exercise rehabilitation.  In addition to osteopathy, our one-to-one clinical Pilates sessions may also help with your recovery. 


Available Monday to Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday mornings



Initial consultation - £60 (60 min)

Follow up - £42 (30 min)

Osteopathy appointments should be booked for all pain, sports injuries, paediatric and obstetric problems.  Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service.  For more information, click here.  



Initial consultation - £60 (60 min)

Follow up - £42 (30 min)

If you would like a one-to-one clinical Pilates session, please choose this appointment type.  Please book an initial consultation if it is your first visit for this service. For more information, click here.


Sports Injury

30 minutes - £32

60 minutes - £64

If you do not currently have an injury or pain but would like a sports massage on an area of your choice, please choose this appointment type.  For more information, click here.


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